1. Capture your wedding day from every angle:

This might be the most obvious reason most couples add a second shooter, and it really is important! There are so many moments throughout your wedding day where your photographer can only get one view of the day. As your ceremony approaches we can capture a close up of the groom when he first sees you for the first time and the look from your dad as he walks you down the aisle! During the portrait time and family formals, your second shooter can sneak off to get shots of your guests enjoying cocktail hour and a peak into the untouched reception details!

2. Moments in between:

There are plenty of moments where your main photographer will be focused on the bride and groom, and your second shooter is able to capture what is going on outside of view! During family formals, my second shooter can capture the grandparents, who probably hadn’t had a professional photo as a couple in over 20 years! You are only able to see your personal perspective of the wedding day, and when you get to look back through your gallery you will see the joy and experience of your friends and family.

Plus all of those carefully planned details for your reception decor, signature cocktails, and ceremony vibes, your second shooter can photograph these details throughout the day, while your main photographer is focusing on the personal connections!

3. Equal coverage of the bride and groom:

Often times your lead photographer will be focused on the bridal details while you are getting ready with your bridesmaids, As you put on your wedding dress, and your first look with her dad. There are so many moments going on behind the scenes with the groomsmen that could be missed especially if the girls and guys are getting ready in separate locations. I love to send my second shooter to focus on the guys all day, which leads to so many candid, and hilarious moments!

Bride getting in her dress at Castle Hill Cidery Bride getting in her dress at Castle Hill Cidery

4. Maximize your time with your guests

One of the most important benefits of a second shooter is the freedom and ease it puts on your timeline! There are quite a few easily forgotten moments which can derail your timeline. Such as gathering your family after the ceremony, pinning groomsmen boutonnieres, and wrangling large bridal parties! When you have two photographers we can tag team these moments to stay on track and give you more time to enjoy the celebration with your friends and family.

I LOVE to divide and conquer during bridal party portraits and take group photos of the girls and guys, while my second shooter takes individuals of each bridal party member with the bride or groom. This is such a fun way to love on each of your friends and a keepsake memory for them to share!

5. Extra set of hands for everything in between

There are so many moments on your wedding day that might need a little boost, fluffing your dress right before your first look, or running back to find the missing bridesmaid bouquet, and helping organize your chatty family so they are ready to go for your family formals! There are tons of moments where your main photographer might be focused on the bride and groom and your second shooter is there to make the day flow 10 times easier!

I love to include a second shooter in all of my wedding packages, I truly believe it is such an invaluable resource to keeping your day as stress free and fun as possible! Your images are always edited in my style with complete consistency, so you will never even know who’s images belong to the second shooter!

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This blog contains images second shot with Corrin Jasinski Photography, Brett Denfield Photography, and Allison Dash Photography. 

The Top 5 reasons to ADD a Second Shooter | Virginia Wedding Photographer

Jan 16, 2020

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