There are so many options when it comes to getting engagement photos taken. This can feel overwhelming and a bit tedious if you’ve never been in front of a camera. So, if you aren’t big into traditional portraits, hand on the chest, smiling into the sunset, or getting glammed up for a night on the town, THAT IS OKAY! Lets think out of the box and customize an engagement session that fully represents you as a couple! It’s the perfect chance to connect with your photographer and start building a friendship that will translate into an effortless and comfortable wedding day experience.

Your engagement session should be a reflection of your relationship! If that means Sunday afternoons on the couch with a dog in your lap and some yoga pants, than lets have a cozy in-home session, or if your big into date night… Invite your photographer along to capture you taste testing your favorite tacos and margaritas. Just because you need a professional photo for your save the date cards, doesn’t mean you or your fiancé has to “dread” the process! 

Here are a few of my favorite “OUT OF THE BOX” Engagement ideas to use at your next sessions: 

1. DATE NIGHT:  Dress up, or down, to eat at your favorite restaurant or ice cream shop.

2. TEST YOUR PALATE: Spend the afternoon at your favorite winery or Brewery. 

3. ADVENTURE OUT:  Go on your favorite hike… Bring along some champaign to pop at the top! 

3. LOVE LOCAL: Checkout your favorite orchard and grab some seasonal fruit or even shop around at the farmers market for a fun casual engagement shoot. 

4. FRIENDLY COMPETITION: Challenge your partner to your favorite activity, bowling, mini golf, arcade bar! 

5. GET SENTIMENTAL: Go back to the spot you first met, your first date or where you got engaged! 

6. VENDOR MEETINGS: Bring along your photographer for your tasting appointments, dessert, wine, you name it, its the  perfect way to cross 2 things off your wedding to-do list! 

7. LAZY SUNDAYS: Have an in-home snuggle session to relax in a familiar environment, bring along your fur babies for some added fun! 

8. FURRY FRIENDS: On that note! Incorporate your pets into your engagement session is the perfect way to relax and take the pressure off, you won’t be worried how you look smiling at the camera when everyone is busy laughing at the dog! 

9. HIT THE WAVES: Do you both love the water, checkout your local beach or lake for some fun shots relaxing in the sun. 

10. BE TRUE TO YOURSELVES: what is your favorite activity to do together, thrift shopping, hours in the library, visiting a record store, afternoons in the park, whatever it may be, find a way to incorporate it into your session. 

Now if your a little worried your location choice isn’t pretty enough for those classic save the date options! DON’T SWEAT IT! Your photographer is an expert on ascetics, they will always know the spots with the best light and can do wonders with seemingly “normal” backdrops. I always make sure to take a few traditional smiling shots to share with mom and dad. But the most important thing to remember no matter what direction your engagement session takes, HAVE FUN with it, do not stress about what to wear and just lean into the awkward feeling of having a camera pointed at you, laugh with your partner, and remember that the wedding process is all about you, so why not make the engagement session an experience you will remember!

Thanks to my amazing couple, Jess & Seth, for inspiring me to create this list! They brought me along for their ice-cream tasting with Wonderment last weekend, and let me tell you, the best way to make your photographer day… Loads of sugar and helping choose your wedding flavors! YUM! Keep scrolling for a few of my favorites from Jess & Seth’s personalized engagement session!

10 Unique Ideas to personalize your Engagement Session

May 16, 2019

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