Chiara & Chris’s wedding day is the first of many modern love stories I have coming up this year! They met through a dating app online, and could not be more prefect compliments. Chiara is detail oriented, Chris is go with the flow, Chiara is more serous, Chris is constantly making her laugh, but the qualities that these two share are even more special. Their incredible friendship and ability to put the others nerves at ease, the love for their adorable pug pasha and even the ability to share haircare products! 

This might have been my first wedding I ever attended where every portion of the day was perfectly on time! We never had to rush or skip any steps and were able to enjoy each moment laughing and crying with this incredible crew. Chiara & Chris’s wedding day was filled with so many personal touches… From their ring bag passed down from a family friend, to Chiara’s grandmothers earrings, and their many friends who performed the ceremony and gave touching speeches. Every bit was personally tailored to honor their story. Their guests carried on dancing late into the night, and only took breaks to visit the temporary “tattoo parlor” and get inked with an illustration of the couple to commemorate the night! Their reception even featured my first ever double bouquet toss, where the bride and groom both tossed bouquets to a group of mixed guests and the winners received a beloved stuffed animal of their dog pasha! 

This incredible night ended with a close knit arm tunnel to run through and send off the couple. This might have been my most treacherous wedding exit to date…running backwards, crouched down, in a dress, through a narrow tunnel of 200 arms! Luckily we all survived without any tumbles, and got to send the couple off in perfect fashion!

I am so excited to share a few of my favorite moments from Chiara & Chris’s wedding day at King Family Vineyard! 

Thank you so much to the incredible team of vendors who helped bring this day together:

VENUE: King Family Vineyards

PLANNER: Jazmin Portnow at Anyvent Event Planning

FLORIST: Donna at Colonial Florist

DJ: Jason Guyton from Guyton Mobile DJ 


CAKE: Maliha Creations 


HAIR & MAKEUP: FBJ Weddings 

WEDDING DRESS: Amanda’s Touch




King Family Vineyard Spring Wedding | Chiara & Chris

Mar 28, 2019

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